A Site for Sore Shoulders

Microscopic muscle tears and strains are a normal response to heavy exercise. These minor ‘injuries’ don’t usually present any problems since the trainer is rarely awarepf them, acknowledging only a passing soreness a few days after a workout.

When the body is allowed sufficient time to deal with these strains, they present no problems. However, when recovery isn’t allowed to happen then these minor injuries may snowball into more acute training injuries.

A typical site for this accumulative or ‘stacked’ type of injury is the shoulder. Bodybuilders often complain of pain in the frontal region of the shoulder, with pain radiating across the chest and down into the upper arm.

These findings commonly point to a Bicipital Tendinitis type injury which has progressed steadily often over a period of months, from a minor and occasional niggle to a dehabilitating injury which warrants a rest from training for