exercise and diabetes..

so there was an interesting article , in the ft this weekend , about exercise and diabetes and its author was no less than james watson, as in watson and crick,,as in dna , as in the double helix guys.. so this 85 year old still working , still physically active man is extolling the benefits of exercise to stave off type two diabetes.he write s that type two diabetesis one of the worlds fastest growing causes of ill health.but interestingly, his work and findings he says also relate to dementia, cardio vascular disease and some cancers.. so he describes how type 2 diabetes occurs when the pancrease is damaged , by an inflamatory process  and this s caused by a lack of biological oxidants , this lack can be curtailed by regular exercise.having worked with several moderately severe type 2 diabetic patients iin the gym, who seemed to poddle around the gym.  i was and am ,amazed, how their fledgling efforts often made big changes in their blood sugar levels within a few weeks..


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