personal trainers .. personal training..


so last week had an interesting.... encounter,.....

met a middle aged person who wanted me to personal train them..but this individual came armed witha series of questions, for me ..

like a vetting process, i was a bit surprised at this , not least because they had had a personal recomendation to me, but we ploughed on through it..i parried the questions with comments like.. well my grandfather opened his first gym in 1933 and my father his first gym in 1948,,, etc.. i pushed on inviting the would be candicate to come and observe me when i was personal training.. all i suspect to no avail..

so it got me thinking.. yes asking your would personal trainer some salutary questions about how long they have been doing it seems all quite fine. 

but there is another dynamic or rather several going on here.

my job as a personal trainer is to provide a service, to get the job done.. its not a popularity contest is a frequent remark i make..

the realtionship, though is one fraught with difficulties , because sometimes you will be asking the person who is paying you to do things they do not want to do , to achieve something they do . and there is often some conflict, and some inertia here.

 so my vetting process centres on, do they have something other the finnacial means to bring to the table. they may struggle , as we all do but there must be an underlying commitment and ambition. not  a wish or a casual desire , but a real need to change the thing they want to change at this point in their lives. the latter is rarer , and the other rarer ingredient is do you like each other , because like any relationship the mutual friendship will weather the storms and flurries that are sure to come

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