why we go , why we don`t go...for treatment...........

im often struck by the reasons for people coming for treatment..or as is more often the case , the reasons they dont come.

firstly .... finances 

the notion that that cannot afford the treatment is a common one, but more often a perceived rather than an actual one. imagine how much less productive we all are when in pain. how difficult it is to remain focused, be on task, even to delegate or manage others.

secondly .. image/pride/roles

i had an interesting patient , male of course. let me qualify that.men are notoriously bad at coming for treatment and attending to their health in general.this perhaps from how they view their roles, particularly in society,namely  bread winners, anyway this late middle aged man, presents in some considerable pain and i ask him how long he has had this pain..he replies, 5 years .i question again to clarify, no. how long have you been in pain like this.... he repeats his first answer. i say are you are mad or something. he says i  thought it was going to get better......shocked i say for 5 years  you must be mad....and he says says .. well at  least i was being ..optimistic.

at which we both laughed.

so back to the theme of asking for help and why so many people struggle with asking for help, until often they are desperate and often quite exhausted and broken.


and then we all move snail like to the revelation that we cannot do all and everything on our own, that we are all bonded to each other through wants and needs. we need to be helped, we all need to interact to be something other than just our selves . and thank goodness for society, for friends, for helpers be they partners, family, and for professionals..

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