worrying as someone posted to me recently...


is your imagination thinking of things you dont want to happen..

and we are all worry of course, people worry when they have injuries.. 

will it resolve, will it ever get better..what will happen if it doesnt .. 

the interesting thing is how often the propensity to worry increases as we get older.. in medicine this phenomen.. is called catastrophising.


how wonderfullly in the moment children are , how we all were. and how this unbridled  joy of being ,becomes slowly often insidiously , eroded and too commonly lost.

lifes viscitudes clawing at our sense of fun , enthusiam and forward looking.


the key , oh the key is to take your medicine, your treatments, your life lesson and understand that all these  misfortunes colour the palette of our lives .

how grey, how monochromatic life would be without these falls , these knocks and stumbles.


and rememeber that it is often darkest before the dawn..,,..


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