Liberty Osteopaths

"It is important to know as much about the man who has the pain as it is to know about the pain the man has"

As Osteopaths we are most known for treating lower back and neck injuries; however at Liberty Osteopaths we also treat sports injuries, knee and other peripheral joint complaints at our osteopathic clinics in Forest Gate and the City of London.

We use gentle massage, manipulation and traction techniques to reduce your pain and restore functioning to injured areas.

At our clinics we address spinal injuries from a multi-faceted approach; we feel this is the best way to achieve and optimum long term outcome for the individual. Spinal injuries are usually a combination of physical injury, family and environmental pre-disposition and stress factors.

We are PPP, Bupa etc Health Insurance registered. Patients are required to prove a membership number and authorisation number from their Health Insurance company to check that there is an excess on their policy.

The Liberty Clinic
394 Romford Road
Forest Gate
East London E7 8DF
tel 020 8552 6063

City Clinic
65 Redchurch Street
City of London
London E2 7DJ
tel 020 7739 8009

Liberty Osteopathic Clinics
The Liberty Osteopathic Clinics are based in Forest Gate, East London and in the City of London.
All osteopaths at the Liberty Clinics are registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC).