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Liberty Osteopaths

Luke has a wealth of experience in the field of health and fitness and comes from a long line of fitness pioneers.


The Liberty Clinic was established in 1985 by Luke Bennett after he graduated from the British School of Osteopathy. The practice soon grew and quickly expanded into the premises at 394 Romford Road, Forest Gate.

Luke's grandfather established a chain of fitness centres in 1933 in Southsea, Portsmouth which used the groundbreaking idea of weight training for health, sport rehabilitation and conditioning.

Luke's parents also established their own gyms in London in the 1950's with the emphasis on health through exercise and nutrition. His mother opened a health food shop in the early 70's promoting the then revolutionary principles of healthy eating and nutritional supplements to assist the body's natural healing mechanism, moving away from drugs and medical intervention. Now 86 she still runs her own fitness centre in Portsmouth, training every day and also travelling the world in her capacity as an international body building judge.

In the 1960's a young Austrian body builder came under the tutelage of Luke's family. His name was Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold promotes health and exercise through his organisation The Physical Council of America and still attributes much of his success to the mentoring he received from his English family.

The Liberty Clinic employs these ideals through gentle osteopathic treatment, coupled with exercise (we have a fully equipped rehabilitation centre) and life style recommendations.

Luke Bennett

Luke Bennett is the principle at the Liberty Osteopathic Clinic. He qualified in 1985.

The Liberty Clinic

394 Romford Road,
Forest Gate,
London E7 8DF
Tel: 020 8552 6063

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