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Liberty Osteopaths

Luke has a wealth of experience in the field of health and fitness and comes from a long line of fitness pioneers.

What to expect

You will be seen by a registered osteopath, who will have been trained from a four year degree/diploma course at an accredited osteopathic college.

1. On your first visit we need to obtain some personal details e.g. your address, date of birth, G.P's name and address etc. We will also need to ask you about your lifestyle e.g. your job/occupation, active hobbies and pursuits, maybe whether you have children or not.
The information will help us build up a picture of you as an individual so that we can discuss the relevance or not of these things.

2. We will take a full case history from you detailing your pursuits and any past complaints, illnesses, operations or accidents.
Again, these details will help us to evaluate you as an individual.

3. After the case history, we will need to examine you in the form of a standing exam. You will probably need to undress to your underwear.

4. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding your treatment, your practitioner will attempt to explain the purpose of the treatment, its course and effect.

5. The examination will continue with you lying on the treatment table. This will determine which areas need treating.

6. Your first visit includes the treatment (where appropriate).
We use mainly "hands on" gentle soft tissue massage and stretching techniques.
We also use ultrasound therapy.

7. After your visit we shall write to your G.P. to let them know that you have been to see us.
You will be asked to sign a consent form allowing us (if necessary) to contact your G.P. This can be helpful as often they have reports of any x-rays or other investigations that you may have had taken.
The results of these will help with the final diagnosis and outcome of your problem.

If you have any queries please ask your osteopath.

If at any stage of the examination you are uncomfortable please alert us immediately.

The Liberty Clinic

394 Romford Road,
Forest Gate,
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Tel: 020 8552 6063

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